👨‍💻 Hi,

I’m JaeYeop Han as known as Jbee. I’m FrontEnd engineer who create a complete product by creating a user-facing interface.

I love TypeScript, VanillaJS and React. I have recently been interested in documentation, productivity, and clean code.

#TypeScript #VanillaJS #React #Productivity #Documentation #Clean Code

GitHub http://github.com/JaeYeopHan
E-mail ljyhanll@gmail.com

💼 Work Experiences

LINE Financial Plus

period 18.10 ~ Current
position FrontEnd Engineer
description Develop Web UI of LINE Financial services and bank belonging to Web Dev team.
projects Indonesia Bank, Smart Invest Japan, Mentoring
period 17.07 ~ 18.10
position FrontEnd Engineer
description Develop UI of integrated search section in Naver belonging to FE-Platform team.
projects SmartAround, SmartVoice, generator-sau-webpack


period 17.01 ~ 17.02
position BackEnd Engineer Intern
description Develop redis operation chat-bot based on LINE messenger.
project REDIS-OPS-BOT(http://bit.ly/2BzJiUl)

🤖 Tech Experience

Smart Invest Japan

  • Investment services based on LINE Messenger
  • Base on Vue.js (and vue ecosystem)
  • Participated in this project as a front-end engineer and DL(Development Lead)
  • 18.10 ~ current

SmartAround Service

  • Service that provide information based on location
  • Participated in this project as a front-end engineer
  • Based on TypeScript, Webpack, lerna
  • UX & Performance (Scroll Restoration / image, script lazy load / lazy initialize component)
  • Research on project retrospective

Development Environment scaffolding tool

  • Development enviornment scaffolding tool based Yeoman Generator
  • Scaffold ES6, TypeScript project based webpack
  • Webpack plugin for generating Demo page
  • Webpack plugin for mocking HTML code snippets
  • Personal tool for toy project

📝 Blog

Tech blog: https://jbee.io

About JavaScript and the front-end field, and various tutorials are mainly posted.

GitHub blog: tip-archive

Archiving various development tips.

Tistory blog: http://asfirstalways.tistory.com

Summarizes the whole development.

📊 Projects


It is a blog starter template like gatsby-starter-blog. I made this template with focusing fresh UI, simple, feature as packages. You can see the demo. My jbee.io also created by this template.


medium-zoom plugin for gatsby with gatsby-remark-images

octodirect - chrome extension

It is a chrome extension that allows you to curate the GitHub repository you created or managed, you visited before, you clicked the star, and go directly through the shortcut.

Opening the extension through the shortcut key brings up a list of repositories from multiple sources and shows them. Once you enter the name of the repository, you can easily get links to the repository by filtering it, and you can even go straight to the Enter key.

Versioning and distribution of Chrome extensions is cumbersome. So I am using my own deployment script. This script can be found in ‘scripts / deploy.js’ in this repository.

🍭 Activities

📣 Presentation

GDG Intern Special: Mentos and intern cola


[2019.07.06] I shared 1 fail, 1 pass experience in chance internship to Full-time and intern mentor experience. I don’t know when I work as an intern, but I share the things I have learned through mentoring to our team intern.


[2019.06.24] I talk about things I did not know when I was a preliminary developer, and what I learned when I was working in the business.

GDG Frontendgame: Essential UX of frontend


[2019.06.22] I talk about UX, which is the reason for the front-end field, while looking at the process until the front end that was not existed before. UX is not just a designer’s area, but an engineer’s part that can be involved and controllable. We talk about several cases that take UX into consideration so that it does not become an abstract story.


[2019.04.11] This is the material released at the Naver Tech concert. I am concerned about growth as a developer and I share the contents. Growth through side projects is important, but it is also important to share how you can grow in your work.

GDG Devfest Seoul 2018 - Web Front-End performance with Chrome Devtools


[2018.11.10] There are two major areas of measurement and improvement associated with Web front-end performance. We’ve compiled some of the elements that can be used to measure and improve the performance of your web application by using the audits included in Chrome developer tools.

GDG NewYear Meetup 2018.02 - Developers who want to work together


[2018.02.11] Introduce “development” that I learned in the field. I define ‘coding’ to be narrower and share what I felt that ‘coding is only part of the process of developing something.’ If possible, I will talk about the direction to move towards ‘the developer we want to work with’ based on this content.

⛑ Communities

FELOG Facebook page

period 17.03 ~ current
description I have a Facebook page called FELOG that contains development resources for preliminary and junior developers, as well as tutorials related to the web front end.

FEConf Organizer

period 18.06. ~ current.
description One of FEConf’s organizers is the front-end conference hosted by Facebook’s ‘Frontend Development Group’.

TypeScript Korea Organizer

period 17.11 ~ 19.06
description I’m one of the leading members of the Facebook group to promote the language typescript to Korea.

React Seoul Organizer

period 17.09. ~ 17.12.
description I participated as an organizer to plan and prepare seminar for only React called React Seoul.

📦 Lectures

ECMAScript 2016


I taught ECMAScript 2016 in-house study.

TypeScript Tutorial


I taught TypeScript in-house study.

🎓 Education


period 16.03 ~ 17.09
major Web UI programming
status completion

Thank you for reading my resume.

If you want to contact me, Please send me an email.

FrontEnd Engineer, @Jbee